Training nutrition

What foods you choose to eat and drink during the day will have a major impact on how you perform during the next training session. It is a fine line between getting training nutrition perfect to extract the most potential from that session, to getting things horribly wrong.

Have you noticed any of these things happening to you during a training session/s?

  • Fatigue (sooner then you probably should)
  • Light headedness or feeling dizzy
  • Reduced endurance or strength during training
  • Poor concentration or skill errors
  • Not meeting your body composition or shape goals
    • Not seeing muscle or strength gains
    • Not seeing body fat levels reduce
  • Bloating or feeling heavy
  • Reflux or severe burping
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea or an instant urge to need to go to the bathroom

If any of the above listed issues are happening with you, book in for an online consult here.